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Forging a New path in an Old industry…

What can you expect...
If you are eager to start your own business in a growing, rewarding and lucrative industry and have the ambition to grow a successful business, we have an opportunity, that will get you started right away.

With fifty years’ experience in the service industry, James Greely and Clive Pashley have the knowledge, network and drive to help you build and maintain a successful business.
Our expertise in training, people and business will provide you with the confidence to create the future you want.

With an abundance of expertise and a keen eye on detail and the industry, we identified a much needed change, an uplift in quality service, creativity and professionalism.

A license agreement with a proven business model offering opportunities to those dreaming of running their own business and reaping the rewards of their own hard work. It’s self-employment with support. In business for yourself - but not by yourself.

A licencee or “Celebrant Partner” owns and runs their own business under the brand and systems of a larger company (the licensor).

This can be described as “being in business for yourself, but not by yourself” - there is coaching, training and ongoing support provided by the licensor in return for a small % on turnover.

Be your own boss
For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of licencing, in its simplest form, it’s a business model developed by the licensor that has been proven to work.

You choose to invest in the business and the licensor provides you with the business opportunity, training and support for success.
It’s a surer and smarter way to start your business

Tired of the office? Reached a corporate ceiling? Undervalued, overlooked and unfulfilled?
No business experience? No problem - we believe drive and enthusiasm is just as important.
The concept is simple like all the best ideas: a licensee or “Partner” as we prefer, acquires a proven business model from Premier Celebrants UK.

Partner Celebrants are fully supported to create that same successful business in their local area, with the support and backing of our known brand and the assistance from other Partner Celebrants who you can call on and who are happy to support you.

Are you keen and ready for a fulfilling, and rewarding lucrative career, in an industry that is:

This exciting business allows you the freedom of working for yourself in the growing dynamic modern funeral market.

Your passion and drive combined with our professional ongoing training will ensure that your business will quickly establish itself and grow organically and dynamically.

There has been a definite need in this sector of business to raise standards and deliver expertise in all areas and we’ve set our sights on making a difference.

Premier Celebrants UK Leading the way… in customer service and trust.

In a professional and compassionate role, you will deliver industry leading support and service for your clients right from day one.

Premier Celebrants UK business offers:

Running a business isn’t for everyone, however with full support from James and Clive and the PC family, you will receive first class coaching and on-going personal development for the lifetime of your business.

Plus you will be encouraged to share your success stories and methods and invited to develop and implement future methods and strategies within Premier Celebrants UK.

Self-employment requires…

The initial and ongoing training and support on offer with any business worth investing in, means you can go into business according to your passions, not necessarily your career experience.
Transferable skills are all-important - leadership, work ethic and people skills, for example, rate highly in what we look for in a Partner.

Lifestyle - the choice is yours

People invest in a business for different reasons. It might be financial, to spend more time with their family, to escape the rat race, to work from home instead of commuting, or simply to spend more time on the golf course.

The business agreement and operations manual help achieve this by setting out the rights and obligations of both parties. Partners are encouraged to share, and of course there’s a system in place for a reason - it’s tried and tested and works.

Running a business is an enticing prospect for many. It can also be a daunting one to step away from the relative safe haven of a comfortable job Freedom versus security - it’s important to consider both sides of the equation when weighing up if working for yourself is the right step for you.

The upside of being self-employed is easy to imagine for anyone in a job they don’t like or who dreads Monday morning coming around to spoil a good weekend. Anyone who has done it will tell you it’s no cakewalk and that it takes considerable dedication and passion. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide.

Advantages of self-employment

You will also have access to marketing materials, our brand power reputation and contacts that you couldn’t as a stand alone start-up business

There’s an open and friendly support structure in place - both James and Clive are hands on and there is existing Celebrant Partners to support and share with - as well as our unique model to follow, that has proven itself as an industry leader.

Even then, self-employment isn’t for everyone. If it is for you you might never dread Monday mornings again. Wouldn’t that be something.

Brand awareness is built over time and through that comes trust – trust in the brand, the name and the organisation behind it. All this is in place and ready.
Celebrant Partners have know how/confidential information that they want to protect in relation to their system. Most of that know how is set out in the manual, but it can be provided through seminars, coaching and other sources.
Know how is protected by imposing an obligation on partners to always keep it confidential.

Be in control of your calendar and life

Having the ability to choose when and how you work enhances job satisfaction and a great work life balance.
For a long time, the choice of working part-time, or hours to suit your life, has been reserved for the man at the top.

But now you can take control of your working week and fit it around the life you want to live.
Want to spend more time enjoying your hobbies? You can. Want to use your skills to give back to the community? You can.

Want to balance your work around your family? You can.
With Premier Celebrants UK, you are your own boss, answerable to your business goals and your own dreams. How you achieve those, using our proven business model is in your hands and together we’re stronger.

Be empowered by existing success

Premier Celebrants UK saw an opportunity and turned it into a successful business. They expanded their business by developing the model for others, who are prepared to follow the system and build their business using the brand.

Celebrant Partners see the huge potential and rewards with the training and support from both the parent company and existing Partners in the network.

Networking with other Partners gives you access to an open and friendly group of professionals ready to support and celebrate in your success.

This is why we hold get togethers and events and by coming together, we stand stronger. In standing stronger, we empower each other.

Interested? Then contact James or Clive for a friendly chat to find out more…