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Meet the team…

James Greely - Perfectionist, passionate, workaholic….failed blues guitarist (in that order!)

James Greely, Premier Celebrants

I’ve been working with people for all of my adult life. People from all backgrounds, sometimes at the most joyous moments in their life and sometimes at their worst. Its shaped me to be who I am today.

It was also a time when I met Clive. A guy who would turn out to be my best friend and incredible business partner. I believe whole-heartedly in fate and it is fate that together Clive and I would start Premier Celebrants almost 30 years into our friendship. How time flies!

I am very fortunate to have the best role in the world. Combining my love of writing, sharing incredible stories and memories with families and combining both to make a difference in remembering a loved one at a difficult time.

I’m pleased to see how funeral services have finally started to move with the times. No longer a dark, formal and sombre occasion but now a celebration of life. Individually planned to reflect the true person and character. It is the creation and planning of each service with families that make my role a privilege to hold. I wouldn’t swap it for the world!

So a bit more about me...

Clive Pashley

Clive Pashley, Premier Celebrants

Proud father of two teenage girls Mia and Sophie, who keep me on my toes and are a source of joy.
From leaving school I have been fortunate to experience many different areas of business, from health and wellbeing to renewable energy.
The common thread in my career has been simply - the incredible people I have shared my journey with.
Great mentors in school and when first starting out in business and amazing colleagues who became friends, including my business partner and great friend, James Greely.

The greatest attribute I value in a person is kindness:
These people have helped shape my thinking and philosophy on life and they have also shaped me into being the best person I can be.
In my free time I have recently rediscovered my love of skiing - and found it isn’t just like riding a bike!
I am an enthusiastic dancer, “strictly” ballroom and latin and enjoy this with friends.
Golf - I really can ruin a good walk….but only when the sun is shining

And in no particular order……Films, music, tea and coffee - black no sugar and good food, eating it and cooking it, especially with family and friends - for me, one of life great pleasures.

My favourite dish to cook: Monkfish tempura, sticky rice, carrots with fresh ginger, broccoli with toasted sesame seeds and a sweet soy dipping sauce.

I love my role as a Civil Celebrant and passionate in helping families create a service that is fitting for their loved one, that is a celebration of their life and the individual they were.

Everyday I am thankful for what I do, for what I have and of who I have in my life.
I often think of a phrase I heard many years ago and I really love these eight little words.
“The best things in life, aren’t actually things”

Rachel Nussey - Always smiling, caring, compassionate, humorous, fun loving and a glass half full kind of girl.

Rachel Nussey, Premier Celebrants

I’ve previously enjoyed working with Primary school children specialising in ‘sports’ for many years. Encouraging them with positivity, teamwork and self confidence building to reach their goals with an ‘I can do it’ attitude. Teaching was ultimately rewarding knowing I have made a difference to a child’s life in a positive way. I still bump into some of the children now and again and of course they’re all grown up, yet they always recognise me and say, ‘Hi Miss Nussey’, which always makes me smile!

After experiencing bereavement myself this led me to the role of being a ‘Celebrant’ and what an ‘honour’ it is to work with families at such a difficult and challenging time to tell their loved ones life story as a ‘celebration’ of their life. I feel blessed everyday to be doing this as it fits me perfectly!

I decided to join forces with James and Clive as I couldn’t have asked for two better friends to work alongside through this chapter in my life, they are like family.

A little more about me…

My absolute favourite thing I love to do is to run in the countryside with my gorgeous lovable running buddy “Charley” my beloved Springer Spaniel. He is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, he brings me love and joy every single day. As you can probably guess yes I am a real lover of animals especially dogs.

In 2016 I ran the Great North Run Marathon, proudly running through the town I was born, Jarrow in Newcastle. I had wanted to do this for years and it was a proud moment for me when I reached the finish line. My friends and I raised lots of money for a children’s charity that provides sporting equipment to children born with physical disabilities and I’m already excitedly planning my next running challenge.

My other loves are music, ballet, theatre, festivals, dancing, pilates, yoga, water sports, boating, canoeing and motorbikes. I like being active and being outdoors in nature but in my quite time I love to read a good biography or watch a good thriller movie whilst snuggling up on the sofa with my dog Charley. Spending time with family and going out with good friends is important to me too. I like to have fun as I’m a real ‘social butterfly’.

My favourite mantra is Live, Love, Laugh. I believe all the best things in life are free like friends, family, my pets unconditional love, hugs, smiles and best of all laughter, it really is the best medicine of all.

I have been very fortunate and blessed to have the love and support of a loving family, and amazing friends throughout my life. Along with this is having a caring nature, a positive attitude, being feistily independent, head strong and having a ‘true zest for life’ has all made me become the woman I am today.